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July 2007


Blue bronze (K0.3MoO3) has been the focus of a number of scattering, transport, scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), and theoretical studies that have provided insight into the relation between atomic structure and charge-density wave (CDW) formation. However, the full extent of a relation of the CDWs to the atomic lattice and the microscopic origin of CDW pinning are still not completely resolved. In this study STM is used to distinguish the atomic structure and CDWs at the (201) surface. Within the STM's spatial resolution, the CDWs are incommensurate with the lattice at midrange temperatures and approach commensurability at low temperatures. Incommensurate CDWs are present on the surface and the degree of the incommensurability between blue bronze lattice and CDW lattice agree well with those determined from bulk scattering techniques


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potassium compounds, surface structure, charge density waves, scanning tunnelling microscopy, crystal structure



Date Posted: 26 September 2007

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