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February 2007


The authors investigate the effect of electron irradiation on the resonant frequency of single-walled carbon nanotube bundles. Electron beam irradiation was employed to induce the formation of intertube cross-linking. An increase in the resonant frequency was observed at low electron doses as the bending modulus was enhanced by cross-link formation. Higher doses induced amorphization and knock-on damage in the bundle, resulting in an overall reduction of the bending modulus. The effect of stiffness enhancement is more pronounced in larger diameter bundles due to the more compliant initial condition. At 45 nm diameter, an increase in bending modulus of 115% is observed.


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Reprinted from Applied Physics Letters, Volume 90, Article 081912, February 2007, 3 pages.
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carbon nanotubes, nanotube devices, oscillators, electron beam effects, bending, elastic constants, amorphisation, micromechanical devices



Date Posted: 30 March 2007

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