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July 2006


A novel relaxation phenomenon occurs in buried SrRuO3 layers in strained (Ca1-xSrx) (Zr1-xRux)O3/SrRuO3/SrTiO3 (001) thin film system. The lightly strained SrRuO3 buried layer is initially clamped by the SrTiO3 substrate. After a heavily strained (Ca1-xSrx) (Zr1-xRux)O3 overlayer is deposited, localized strain relaxation develops in the buried layer. This is manifested by a crosshatch pattern of 〈100〉 corrugations on the surface, due to the slip of 〈100〉 {100} threading dislocations. The phenomenon can be controlled by tuning the growth kinetics and strain energy of the overlayer.


Copyright American Physical Society. Reprinted from Applied Physics Letters, Volume 89, Issue 3, Article 031905, July 2006, 5 pages.
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Date Posted: 27 November 2006

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