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An independent study project report by The Hay Honey Farm Endowed Natural Lands Intern (2014-2015)


Stormwater from the parking lots on the Bloomfield Farm property at the Morris Arboretum drains into two rain gardens. Installed during the construction of the Horticulture Center in 2009-2010, these rain gardens are in need of rejuvenation. My project concentrates on designing improved rain gardens with new plant assemblages, reconfigured edges for improved stormwater infiltration, creation of a management guide to sustain a low-maintenance and functional rain garden, and an educational component in the form of an interpretive sign.

In order to redesign the rain gardens I considered the original planting plan, assessed the existing conditions, and determined what native plant species could be added or removed for a rain garden that will better comply with the Horticultural Center’s LEED Platinum rating. I made several visits to nearby rain gardens, discussed maintenance regimes and challenges with staff members and took photographs to note plant species and general construction techniques that could be applied to improve the Arboretum’s rain garden basins. This information was used to draft site plans for the individual rain gardens that included a species list, quantities needed, and any additional construction supplies such as rocks, landscape fabric, and signage. My design recommendations will be implemented in April 2015 when the rain gardens will be planted with the help of the horticulture volunteers.



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Date Posted: 18 March 2019