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An independent study project report by The Walter W. Root Endowed Arboriculture Intern (2014-2015)


The Morris Arboretum has developed large and impressive Natural Areas that have been open to the public over the last several years. There is one part of this section south of the entrance meadows but north of the Wissahickon Creek, between Northwestern Avenue and Paper Mill Run, which is largely untraveled by visitors. This area contains some excellent tree specimens and some very interesting ecological groupings, but lacks visitorship. In an attempt to discover why, I did a thorough inventory and assessment of each tree in this section, and a survey of circulation through this area.

Through my assessment, I was able to identify many trees with inherent interest, as well as trees that could use tree work in the form of pruning or removals. Out of this assessment I was able to formulate recommendations for tree work that should be done, and for an improved system of circulation that will have a less harmful impact on the ecosystem, while also bringing visitors to the trees in this section that are really spectacular. Each tree needing work was given a priority level, and each recommendation made for circulation and maintenance was given a short- or long-term goal. It is my hope that these recommendations will be followed to transform this underused section into a natural field site for ecological education.



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Date Posted: 18 March 2019