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Final Report for Grant Agreement ME#381159


Aquatic Plant Surveys were carried out at 30 sites and resulted in documentation of 38 occurrences of PNDI-listed vascular plants of which 31 were new and 7 were updates of EOs that had been described previously. Field reports have been submitted to DCNR Bureau of Forestry and PNDI-East.

One hundred fifty herbarium specimens were collected and deposited in the herbarium of the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania (see complete list attached). Ten of the lakes we surveyed were included in the DEP/EPA water quality sampling program for 2002. We are coordinating with this program in order to be able to compare water quality data with plant inventory data at some future date.

We presented two aquatic plant identification workshops to foster an appreciation of the diversity and ecological importance of aquatic plants. We also met with lake residents at many of the lakes we surveyed.

We conducted additional field surveys in Montgomery County. Four field visits and numerous telephone and/or email consultations were held regarding PNDI reviews.


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Date Posted: 19 September 2018