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Final Report to the Wild Resources Conservation Fund ME#389184


In the ongoing effort to refine and improve the scientific accuracy of the Plants of Special concern list work reported here resulted in recommendations for the reclassification of eleven plants. The revised classifications which we recommended were the result of 1) additional field data on current status; 2) new discoveries in the field, 3) adoption of taxonomic revisions reported in recent botanical literature. Our 2000 field work resulted in the documentation of 162 field occurrences at 69 sites. Inflated bladderwort (Utricularia inflata) was added to the flora of Pennsylvania as a result. In order to make information about the state flora more accessible the Pennsylvania Flora Website was redesigned and expanded. The new look was launched in January 2001 at http://www.upenn/edu/paflora. In addition several site reviews were conducted in response to PNDI "hits".

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Date Posted: 19 September 2018