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Final Report Grant Agreement WRCF 22-04/4100021103


Aquatic Plant Surveys were carried out at 13 sites; at 10 of the lakes we conducted intensive, GPS-based sampling throughout the littoral zone.

Field reports have been submitted to the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program for the 27 (23 aquatic and 4 other) occurrences of PNHP-listed species that we documented. Three hundred and seventy-eight herbarium specimens were collected and deposited in the herbarium of the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

We presented three formal programs on lake ecology and aquatic plant identification to foster an appreciation of the diversity and ecological importance of aquatic plants. We also met informally with lake residents at many of the lakes we surveyed.

We conducted additional field surveys in Erie, Bucks, Carbon, Montgomery, and Northampton Counties resulting in 4 additional records of listed species. A visit was made to Little Tinicum Island to assess the impact of the oil spill in the Delaware River.

One day was spent participating in the Coho site bioblitz.

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Date Posted: 26 September 2018