A Simple Distributed Method for Control over Wireless Networks

Miroslav Pajic, University of Pennsylvania
Shreyas Shreyas, University of Waterloo
George Pappas, University of Pennsylvania
Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania

Suggested Citation:
Miroslav Pajic, Shreyas Sundaram, George J. Pappas and Rahul Mangharam, "A Simple Distributed Method for Control over Wireless Networks", CPS Week Workshop on Real-Time Wireless for Industrial Applications (RealWIN), Chicago, IL, 2011.


We present a distributed scheme used for control over wireless networks. In our previous work, we introduced the concept of a Wireless Control Network (WCN), where the network itself, with no centralized node, acts as the controller. In this work, we show how the WCN can be modified to include observer style updates which substantially improves robustness of the closed-loop system to link failures. In addition, we analyze how the WCN simplifies extraction of the communication and computation schedules and enables system compositionality and scalability.


Date Posted: 17 November 2011

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