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Journal Article

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October 1960


Used by permission of family.
Reprinted from Penn Dental Journal, Volume 64, Issue 1, pages 14-20.


The biopsy may very well be the most paramount procedure confronting the dentist and successful tissue diagnosis depends on proper surgical biopsy technique. Yet, how many who are faced with this procedure really know the principles involved and can carry them, out flawlessly as they must be? The practitioner who attempts this procedure without being aware of principles involved may prevent more competent hands from diagnosing a malignancy until it is too late. Data bares out the fact that the first man to see a lesion is in the best position to initiate a cure. The aim of this paper is to present some of the principles of biopsy technique so as to give an insight into the procedure of biopsy.



Date Posted: 07 April 2008