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The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work




Navigating the self is critical for working in a diverse world, in which different identities interact in social space. This chapter presents five theoretical perspectives on how individuals navigate the self in diverse organizational contexts—social identity, critical identity, (role) identity, narrative-as-identity, and identity work. We review these five prominent theoretical perspectives on identity processes in diverse contexts to explicate various ways in which individuals actively participate in the co-construction of their identities in diverse contexts. As a next step in research, identity, diversity, and relationship scholars are encouraged to inquire into the generativity of proposed tactics for navigating the self in order to identify pathways for cultivating more positive identities in diverse work settings. The examination of positive relational identities is considered a promising path for further inquiry in this domain.

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Roberts, L.E., Creary, S.J. (2013).Navigating the Self in Diverse Work Contexts. In J.T. Jost, A. C. Kay, & H. Thorisdottir (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work. Reproduced by the permission of Oxford University Press.


identity, positive identity, identity construction, identity work, image management, positive organizational scholarship, social identity



Date Posted: 19 February 2018

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