Master of Environmental Studies Capstone Projects

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Thesis or dissertation

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The primary objective of this research is to provide a resource for corporations on how they can reduce their overall environmental impact and risk related to climate change by extending their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to include partnerships with suppliers, for instance third-party logistics contractors. A secondary objective is to create a management strategy for how companies can better align the environmental impact of third party contractors with those of the corporation as a whole. A detailed literature review was conducted to identify current CSR strategies for green supply chain management, including commonly used reporting platforms, accounting strategies, trends and drivers for Scope 3 emissions. Furthermore, a guidance for industry professionals is provided in the format of a case study using FMC Corporation (FMC). The case study included interviews with industry experts, a survey sent to individuals from prominent corporations based in the United States of America (US) with global footprints, benchmarking across the chemical sector and an evaluation of supplier engagement. The conclusion of the case study demonstrates the initial steps corporations should take to develop partnerships with organizations and their suppliers thereby identifying risks and opportunities to align their environmental goals and reduce their overall impacts.


green supply chain management, supplier engagement, Scope 3 emissions reporting



Date Posted: 16 January 2018