Master of Medical Physics Capstone Projects

Master of Medical Physics Capstone Projects

The MMP Capstone is an independent project that integrates what the student has learned in the program and contributes to the advancement of Medical Physics. If you are an MMP graduate and would like to have your Capstone project uploaded to this site, please submit your Capstone. Your decision to upload the document will serve as your agreement to the terms, both for individual authors and multiple authors. If you have a question about this collection, please contact Andrea Radine.


Capstones from 2017


Experience Based Quality Control in IMRT Treatment Planning of High Risk Post-Prostatectomy Prostate Cancer with RapidPlan, Fionnbarr T. O'Grady PhD, Huaizhi Geng PhD, Mi Huang PhD, Tawfik Giaddui PhD, Haoyu Zong, and Ying Xiao PhD