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The Penn Hand-Clapping Motion Dataset is composed of inertial measurement unit (IMU) recordings from the hand motions of 15 naïve people. Each of these individuals participated in an experiment during which they were asked to pantomime various sequences of 10 different motions: back five, clap, double, down five, front five, lap pat, left five, right five, right snap, and up five. The examined motions comprise most typical actions from hand-clapping games like “Pat-a-cake” and “Slide.” This project was published in our IROS 2016 paper entitled “Using IMU Data to Demonstrate Hand-Clapping Games to a Robot.” After hearing of interest from other researchers, we are releasing the corresponding motion dataset, which was originally collected to help us investigate whether we could train highly accurate and rapid classifiers to label hand-clapping game motions performed by everyday people. This dataset, explained further in the included ReadMe file, may interest researchers who investigate human motion.


motion classification, inertial measurement units, human hand motions



Date Posted: 15 December 2016