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P. Y. Huang, J. A. Kunkel, J. Brindza, K. J. Kuchenbecker. Haptically Assisted Golf Putting Through a Planar Four-Cable System. In Proceedings, IEEE World Haptics Conference, 191-196, June 2011. doi: 10.1109/WHC.2011.5945484

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Individuals learning a new sport often repeat a motion hundreds or thousands of times to try to perfect their form. The quintessential example of this process may be a beginning golfer struggling to learn to putt, where strokes must be precise and consistent in order to place the ball in the hole. This paper presents a four-cable haptic device designed to help golfers learn to improve their putting accuracy. This planar three-DOF system provides feedback that consists of two Cartesian forces and one angular moment. We present the system’s design and kinematics, along with a closed-loop controller that helps the user keep the putter head at the correct angle in the plane. We evaluated our design through a study in which five subjects used the system to repeatedly putt at a target both with and without assistance. While assistance did not change the mean of the putting distribution, it did significantly affect the variance for some subjects



Date Posted: 21 August 2012

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