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Gao, T., Hu, H. H., & Castañeda, P. P. (2012) Shape Dynamics and Rheology of Soft Elastic Particles in a Shear Flow. Physical Review Letters, 108, 058302.

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The shape dynamics of soft, elastic particles in an unbounded simple shear flow is investigated theoretically under Stokes flow conditions. Three types of motion—- steady-state, trembling, and tumbling—- are predicted, depending on the shear rate, elastic shear modulus, and initial particle shape. The steady-state motion is found to be always stable. In addition, the existence of a trembling regime is documented for the first time in nonvesicle systems, and a complete phase diagram is developed. The rheological properties of dilute suspensions of such soft particles generally exhibit shear-thinning behavior and can even display negative intrinsic viscosity for sufficiently soft particles.



Date Posted: 02 February 2012

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