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Tang, Jie and Haim H. Bau. (1993) Feedback control stabilization of the no-motion state of a fluid confined in a horizontal porous layer heated from below. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Vol 257. p. 485-505.

Copyright 1993 Cambridge University Press.


We consider a horizontal three-dimensional saturated porous layer, confined in an upright cubic box, heated from below and cooled from above. In the absence of a controller, the fluid maintains a no-motion state for subcritical Rayleigh numbers R < Rc, where Rc, depends on the box’s aspect ratio. Once this critical number is exceeded, fluid motion ensues. We demonstrate that, with the use of feedback control strategies which suppress flow instabilities, one can maintain a stable no-motion state for Rayleigh numbers far exceeding the classical critical one for the onset of convection. To preserve the equilibrium no-motion state of the classical problem, the controller alters the system’s dynamics so as to stabilize an otherwise non-stable state.



Date Posted: 17 August 2010

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