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Journal Article

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June 2008


Postprint version. Published in Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Volume 56, Issue 6, June 2008, pages 2358-2380.
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Equilibrium adhesion states are analyzed for nonlinear spherical caps adhered to a rigid substrate under the influence of adhesive tractions that depend on the local separation between the shell and substrate. Transitions between bistable snapped-in and snapped-out configurations are predicted as a function of four nondimensional parameters representing the adhesive energy, the undeformed shell curvature, the range of the adhesive interactions, and the magnitude of an externally applied load. Nonuniform energy and traction fields associated with free-edge boundary conditions are calculated to better understand localized phenomena such as the diffusion of impurities into a bonded interface and the diffusion of receptors in the cell membrane. The linear Griffith approximations commonly used in the literature are shown to be limited to shells with a small height to thickness ratio and short-range adhesive interactions. External loading is found to alter the adhered configurations and the spatial distributions of both adhesive and elastic energies. An important implication of the latter analysis is the theoretical prediction of the pull-off force, which is shown to depend not only on the interface properties, but also on the geometric and material parameters of the shell and on both the magnitude and type of external loading.


adhesion, shell mechanics, wafer bonding, cell adhesion, pull-off



Date Posted: 26 November 2008

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