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Postprint version. Published in Head and Neck, Volume 30, Issue 1, January 2008, pages 111-121.
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Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a disfiguring and deadly cancer. Despite advances in therapy, many patients continue to face a poor prognosis. Early detection is an important factor in determining the survival of patients with OSCC. No accurate, cost-efficient, and reproducible method exists to screen patients for OSCC. As a result, many patients are diagnosed at advanced stages of the disease. Early detection would identify patients, facilitating timely treatment and close monitoring. Mass screening requires a rapid oral cancer diagnostic test that can be used in a clinical setting. Current diagnostic techniques for OSCC require modern laboratory facilities, sophisticated equipment, and elaborate and lengthy processing by skilled personnel. The lab-on-chip technology holds the promise of replacing these techniques with miniaturized, integrated, automated, inexpensive diagnostic devices. This article describes lab-on-chip devices for biomarker-based identification of oral cancer. Similar methods can be employed for the screening of other types of cancers.


oral cancer, lab-on-a-chip, microfluidics, biomarkers, screening



Date Posted: 19 February 2008

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