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Postprint version. Published in Sensors and Actuators A: Physical , Volume 96, Issue 1, January 2002, pages 59-66.
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The use of Magneto Hydro Dynamics (MHD) to circulate fluids in conduits fabricated with low temperature co-fired ceramic tapes is described. Conduits shaped like toroidal and rectangular loops were fabricated. Electrodes printed on the ceramic substrate along the conduits' walls facilitated transmission of electric currents through the test fluids. When the devices were subjected to a magnetic field, the resulting Lorentz forces propelled the liquids. The paper details the fabrication process and describes experiments with mercury slugs, saline solution, and deionized water. The measured fluid velocities were compared with theoretical predictions.


microfluidic devices, magneto hydro dynamics, MHD, pump



Date Posted: 27 November 2007

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