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This dataset was created from a volume listing quit rents due in Philadelphia County, 1 March 1688/9, held within the Penn Family Estates Collection at the American Philosophical Society Library. Quit rents (also quitrents or quit-rents) were fees collected by proprietors of the British colonies, in this case William Penn, to reinforce power and ownership over the land rented by farmers. They also represented a way for the English Crown to keep hold over the colonies. The dataset lists names of individuals and their status (first purchaser, renter, etc.), quantity of land in acres, dates of survey and dates of purchase, amount and form of payment of rent, and other details.

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Quit Rent Rolls, vol. 1, 1688/9. American Philosophical Society Library.

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The transcription and structuring of this document were undertaken by Molly E. Nebiolo and lightly edited by Cynthia Heider. Detailed information on structure, normalization, etc. can be found in the accompanying documentation.

These datasets were created as part of the American Philosophical Society's Open Data Initiative (Learn more at Although contributors took care to minimize mistakes and inconsistencies in the creation of these items, and have included any assumptions or choices made on their part that may affect interoperability or integrity of the data, APS cannot guarantee that they are free of instances of human error. They are offered "as is," and researchers are encouraged to consult the original records in digital or physical format in the event of uncertainty. If you have feedback or notice errors in the data, please contact us at


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Date Posted: 26 August 2020