Master of Chemical Sciences Capstone Projects

Janus Dendritic Ligands for Nanoparticle Assemblies

Katherine Elbert
Christopher B. Murray, University of Pennsylvania


This project was conducted in the laboratory of Professor Christopher B. Murray at the University of Pennsylvania. The project described herein includes the synthesis of a Janus dendrimer as well as complimentary dendrimers of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature to study the self-assembly and organizational properties of these molecules on gold surfaces. A complete synthesis and characterization of these molecules is described, as well as grafting the molecules onto both gold nanoparticle and thin film surfaces. How the different dendritic molecules guide self-assembly of the nanoparticles and how the Janus molecule assembles itself on a gold surface was studied. To characterize these systems, TEM and solid state UV-vis were employed, and general trends are described herein.


Date Posted: 17 May 2017