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Described are Radical-Polar Crossover (RPC) reactions, which have played an important role in the organic synthesis, but very few review articles previously mentioned this concept. Using both photoredox catalysis and non-photoredox catalysis can achieve the RPC transformation within a one-pot mechanism under very mild condition. Besides this, RPC reactions provide many practical advantages such as rapid increasing in molecular complexity and good functional group tolerance. Therefore, this potentially valuable reaction can provide a lot of research opportunities.

Overall, the comparison of different authors’ views, critical analyses of the methods, and an overall summary of the literature will be described in this review. The purpose of this work is to narrate both photoredox RPC reactions and non-photoredox RPC reactions in a systematic fashion and to grasp the valuable point of view from different authors. Applications of RPC reactions to the pharmaceutical sciences and industry will be presented at the end.


radical-polar crossover, RPC, photoredox, non-photoredox

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Date Posted: 31 May 2019