Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Service Learning Projects

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The RAISE Resilience Program is dedicated to enhancing the resilience of caregivers of children with hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus, a chronic neurological condition that often requires numerous brain surgeries, is life-altering for both the individual diagnosed and their support system. Research suggests that caregivers are particularly affected, experiencing lower levels of resilience and symptoms of post-traumatic stress. We partnered with the Hydrocephalus Association (HA), a non-profit dedicated to support, education, and advocacy for families with hydrocephalus to create a resilience program for such caregivers. RAISE is a six-module skills training program that will build upon HA’s current online caregiver support groups, covering the topics of Resilience, Agency, Intentional Thinking, Strengths, and Engagement. Within these modules, participants will learn about the protective factors of resilience, agency and self-efficacy, thinking traps and reframing strategies, and the VIA character strengths. The group provides community and accountability to aid caregivers in their integration of these strategies into their everyday lives. This project includes six fully developed presentations, a facilitator script, and handouts. The RAISE Resilience Program provides preventative, cost-effective, and scalable support for an at-risk population of caregivers.


positive psychology, resilience, caregivers, hydrocephalus, post-traumatic stress, agency, self-efficacy, ABC model, thinking traps, character strengths

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Date Posted: 08 May 2023