Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Service Learning Projects

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This is a paper for MAPP Serice Learning Project 2017.


Ashoka University, a distinguished liberal arts university that is the intellectual home to over 900 hundred undergraduate and graduate students in Sonepat, India. We present here a program to enhance well-being based on the fundamentals of positive psychology. The program can start with a pilot and then be scaled using either trained professionals or trained peer counselors. The components of the program include strengths, positive relationships, attention and resilience thus forming the acronym SPAR. We have designed the program to take place in four 90-minute sessions ideal for the Young India Fellowship Fellows schedule of five-week semesters. It is equally applicable to undergraduates and could also be rolled out for faculty and staff if desired. We include a slide deck that is ready to use for the first session.


positive psychology, intervention, resilience, positive relationships, attention, strengths, SPAR, Ashoka University



Date Posted: 07 June 2017