Submissions from 2017

Employee Well-being and Engagement Workshops: An Example Using Positive Emotions, Faisal N. Khan

Positive Self-Care Yields Caring Healers (PSYCH): A Positive-Psychology-Based, Peer-Supported Self-Care Series for Therapist Wellbeing, Linda Mattucci Schiavone

Papers from 2015


Resilience Training for Firefighters: A Proposed Approach, Karen F. Deppa

Submissions from 2014

Effectiveness of a Positive Education Workshop for Chinese Teachers: Building Resilience, Optimism, and PERMA, Guang Zeng

Submissions from 2011


Resilience, Character Strengths and Flourishing: A Positive Education Workshop for Singapore Teachers, Sha En Yeo

Submissions from 2010

The Flourishing Couple: A Program to Find and Foster the Best in Your Relationship, Lorrie A. Peniston

Submissions from 2009

Positive Management Training: Using Positive Psychology to Improve Employee Engagement, Louisa Jewell

Submissions from 2008

Strengths Discovery in Children: How the Process of Identifying One’s Strengths Can Become a Positive Intervention, Denise Quinlan