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Papers from 2017


From Negative Biases to Positive News: Resetting and Reframing News Consumption for a Better Life and a Better World, Henry Edwards


Thriving Cities: How to Define, Apply, and Measure Well-Being at Scale, Jaclyn Gaffaney


Saving the World the Right Way: Altruistic Education, Supakorn Laohasongkram


Genuine, Independent, Holistic, and Appropriate: Four Considerations for the Optimization of Positive Interventions, Luke August Obermann

Submissions from 2016

Designing a Positive Psychology Course for Lawyers, R. Lisle Baker


United for Wellbeing: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Increase Social Cohesion and Student Wellbeing in an Ethnically Diverse Rural School District, Tracy L. Litchfield


Shoots & Ladders: Having Infinite and Influential Presence with Everyone Starts With our Mindsets, Alana Rachel Pudalov

The Talent Narrative: A Reductive Heuristic, Daniel A. Southwick

Purposeful Resilience in Strengths & Mindfulness (PRISM): A Skill-Building Workbook to Increase Purpose-Oriented Resilience, Cypress Walker


The Resilience Compass: How Mindset, Skills-Development, Self-Compassion, Service, and Community Empower Actors to Bounce Back, Reclaim Their Passion, and Live Their Purpose, Kimberly Wimmer Totty

Papers from 2015


Building Attorney Resources: Helping New Lawyers Succeed Through Psychological Capital, Martha Knudson


Tough Teammates: Training Grit and Optimism Together Improves Performance in Professional Footballers, Patrick J. Steinfort

Papers from 2014


Positive Interventions: Developing a Theoretical Model to Guide Their Development and Use, David S. Nevill

Submissions from 2013

Towards Positive Education: A Mindful School Model, Ong Chin Leng

An Integrated Literature Review of Trust and Well-being and Implications for Trust Models and Positive Psychology, Robert Easton


What Positive Psychologists and Mormons Can Learn From Each Other, Elisa V. Hunter

Above and Beyond Perseverance: An Exploration of Sisu, Emilia Lahti

Increasing the Well-Being of Disadvantaged Populations: An investigation of the Meditating Effects of Self-Efficacy and Social Connections on the Relationship Between Low-Income and Well-Being, Emily Larson


Positive Recovery, Jason ZW Powers

Submissions from 2012

Integrated Wellbeing: Positive Psychology and the Natural World, Aislinn Pluta

Positive Health and the Creation of Thriving Doctors and Patients, Marsha W. Snyder

Submissions from 2011

Unobtrusively Measuring the Well-Being of Entire Nations: The World Well-Being Project, Johannes C. Eichstaedt

Submissions from 2009

Reflections on Resilience: What Stories of Adversity Teach Us About the Strength of the Human Spirit, Rebecca Fawns-Justeson

Submissions from 2008


Greatness: The Aspiration and Goal of Psychology, Scott Asalone


Exploring the Character Strengths of an Oral Tradition: Vanuatu Through Analysis of Its Archived Oral Legends, Virginia U. Millar

Course Development of Positive Psychology & Personal Leadership, Madhur Upadhyay

Submissions from 2006

Does Sense of Community Predict Happiness and Well-Being?, Margaret A. Dukes


Optimistic Managers and Their Influence on Productivity and Employee Engagement in a Technology Organization, Margaret Greenberg