Papers from 2020


ADHD, Willpower, and Interest: A Positive Approach, Roger DeWitt

The Intergenerational Transmission of Self-Compassion, Adriana Drulla Rossi


Belonging: The What, Why, and How for Working Mothers, Caitlin J. Satterfield

Submissions from 2019

So She May Thrive: Psychological Flexibility As A Pathway To Flourishing For Teenage Girls, Christy Curtis

Submissions from 2018


Posttraumatic Growth and Residential Therapy: Cultivating Environments that Support and Facilitate Posttraumatic Growth and Positive Well-being, Tracey Bachrach


Positive Shabbat Dinner: An Effective Positive Intervention to Increase Well-Being, Tracey Pearl Specter

Integrating Evidence-Based Knowledge in a Positive Parenting Certificate: A New Model for Empowering Parents and Helping Families Thrive, Lorena Valera Alcala

Submissions from 2017

Having it all – Career, Motherhood, and Emotionally Healthy Children: Helping Working Mothers Protect their Children from the Risk of Depression, Frawn Morgan


Summer Camp Professionals’ Positive Psychology Certification Program, Kenneth Schainman

Submissions from 2014

Flourishing Families – Book Prospectus, Talmadge Eyre


From Paralyzed to Catalyzed: Supporting Adolescent Girls Through Positive Psychology Coaching, Jess Hopkins


Teaching Beautiful Questions: Using Literature to Teach Youth Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Shira Reicher

Submissions from 2013


Flourishing Mothers: A Positive Psychology-Based Coaching Strategy for Women, Brooke Booth

Submissions from 2010


Confident Parenting – Book Prospectus, Lisa Sansom

Submissions from 2008

Lessons From the Lake: Positive Psychology and Wilderness Experience, Bright Dickson