Empirical Study



Papers from 2016


The Long and Winding Road from Positive Psychology Theory to Corporate Application, Garrison M. Kitchen

Submissions from 2015


Learning From Health Care Exemplars: How the Best Produce Extraordinary Results, Donna M. Payne


What Are Coaches Afraid of? An Exploration of Courage and the Path to Coaching Mastery, Joshua Steinfeldt


Tough Teammates: Training Grit and Optimism Together Improves Performance in Professional Footballers, Patrick J. Steinfort


DARE: Desire to Strive Beyond Current Capabilities, Shannon L. Thompson

Submissions from 2014

Crafting a Calling: The Role of Optimism, Katrina Calihan

Cross-Cultural Associations Amongst Self-Acceptance, Other-Acceptance, and Well-Being, Eunbit Hwang


The Search for Purpose in Life: An Exploration of Purpose, the Search Process, and Purpose Anxiety, Larissa Rainey


Finding What Works, Works; But Doing It Requires Self-Control: An Evaluation of a Solution-Focused Online Intervention to Increase Goal Striving, Paolo Terni

Positive Affect is Associated With Better Adherence and Improved Outcomes Among Women With HIV Infection, Tracey Wilson


A Novel Calling Intervention for Career Development and Well-Being, Susanna Wu-Pong

Submissions from 2013

Called to Care, Larry Benz

Increasing the Well-Being of Disadvantaged Populations: An investigation of the Meditating Effects of Self-Efficacy and Social Connections on the Relationship Between Low-Income and Well-Being, Emily Larson


Youth Mentoring Partnership's Friend Fitness Program: Theoretical Foundations and Promising Preliminary Findings From a New Positive Psychology Intervention for Grit and Positive Youth Development, Chris Major

Submissions from 2011

Unobtrusively Measuring the Well-Being of Entire Nations: The World Well-Being Project, Johannes C. Eichstaedt

Submissions from 2009


Experiential Learning Groups: History, an Exploratory Case Study, and Possible Mechanisms of Change, Steve Safigan

Character Strengths of Entrepreneurs, Peter R. Worrell

Submissions from 2008

The Positive Relationships Between Yearbook Quotes, Yearbook Photos, and Alumni Giving: Social Connection and Gratitude as Long Term Enhancers of Generosity, Arthur Fullerton


Exploring the Character Strengths of an Oral Tradition: Vanuatu Through Analysis of Its Archived Oral Legends, Virginia U. Millar

Submissions from 2006

Character Strengths and Type: Exploration of Covariation, Kathryn H. Britton

Does Sense of Community Predict Happiness and Well-Being?, Margaret A. Dukes


Building a Foundation for Positive Psychology in Schools, Sherri W. Fisher


Optimistic Managers and Their Influence on Productivity and Employee Engagement in a Technology Organization, Margaret Greenberg


Recrafting Work: A Model for Workplace Engagement and Meaning, Gordon H. Parry