Submissions from 2020

Filling the EMPTY, Renee M. Stout

Submissions from 2019

15Five: Technology Aligned to the Science of Thriving, Courtney Bigony


Weaving a Colorful Life Tapestry: Serene Gratitude, Post-Traumatic Growth, and Breast Cancer, Courtney B. Daly

Submissions from 2016

The Positive Previvor: A Book Proposal, Samantha J. Golkin-Nigliazzo


Shoots & Ladders: Having Infinite and Influential Presence With Everyone Starts With our Mindsets, Alana R. Pudalov


Shoots & Ladders: Having Infinite and Influential Presence with Everyone Starts With our Mindsets, Alana Rachel Pudalov

Take Charge of Your Happiness by Taking Charge of Your Self: Enhancing Well-being Through Greater Self-Awareness, Yashi Srivastava

Submissions from 2014

Flourishing Families – Book Prospectus, Talmadge Eyre


Teaching Beautiful Questions: Using Literature to Teach Youth Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Shira Reicher

Submissions from 2012

Well-Being at Work: An Engineer Short Circuits Workplace Dysfunction, Thomas Heffner

Inner Compass — Book Proposal, Yosef Lynn

Submissions from 2011

70 Candles: Women Thriving in the Eighth Decade, Ellen Cole

Submissions from 2010


Confident Parenting – Book Prospectus, Lisa Sansom

Submissions from 2009

Reflections on Resilience: What Stories of Adversity Teach Us About the Strength of the Human Spirit, Rebecca Fawns-Justeson

Submissions from 2007


Positive Psychology Toolkit for Coaches, Deb Giffen