Does Sense of Community Predict Happiness and Well-Being?

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This study extends previous research by examining the relationship between sense of community and happiness in the context of a religious community whose members come from 44 different towns to their base at the Shrine of St. Joseph, Stirling, New Jersey. Survey respondents (N = 83) completed measures of happiness, depression, and sense of community. The happiness and depression measures were collected again, three months later. Results indicated that sense of community at Time 1 was positively related to happiness at Time 2 but sense of community at Time 1 was unrelated to change in happiness from Time 1 to time 2. The opportunity to use one’s talents/strengths and getting recognition for their use was positively related to sense of community and to an approach to happiness via engagement and meaning in life.


sense of community, engagement, meaning, happiness, strengths in community


Positive Emotions, Other Topics


Empirical Study

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Date Posted: 19 December 2014