Course Development of Positive Psychology & Personal Leadership

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This capstone project involves the development of a course on Positive Psychology and Personal Leadership with the aim of inspiring young adults to be the greatest they can be. The course incorporates research and teaching from Positive Psychology, Experiential Education, Leadership, Organization Behavior and Management Education. This course is built around two key frameworks – that of Appreciative Inquiry and the Four Needs of Meaning. It is designed in such a way that, as students go through this course, they work on each stage of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology and discover / reinforce / modify powerful potentials and dreams within themselves. The four segments of this course also intend to engage students with the four needs of meaning, indirectly seeking to facilitate an awareness of the meaning in their life. Course units are developed to engage students with different learning styles and interest levels and with the opportunity of high customizability of individual experience by each student. Batteries of researched and established inventories will be utilized with the aim of assessing changes in students’ awareness, clarity and the key dimensions targeted by the frameworks used in this course.


curriculum, transformation, personal leadership, self development, education, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, meaning, course


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Date Posted: 19 December 2014