Unleashing the Power: Anthony Robbins, Positive Psychology, and the Quest for Human Flourishing

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Thesis or dissertation

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This paper is written to compare two well-being movements: positive psychology and the self-help movement as modeled by Anthony Robbins, a well-known self-help, motivational and empowerment guru, author and speaker who has been internationally popular since the 1980s. This paper will analyze both theories of well- being and associated interventions that lead to more well-being from both schools of thought, including a case study analysis of an intervention conducted by Anthony Robbins at one of his seminars. The author seeks to create a bridge between the two fields and propose future research directions using positive psychology as the framework for measurement and analysis of Anthony Robbins’ interventions and techniques.


Anthony Robbins, positive psychology, PERMA, self-help, well-being


Counseling/Coaching, Well-Being/Flourishing




Date Posted: 19 December 2014