Filling the EMPTY

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This literature review serves as the foundation for a book proposal exploring how an individual can navigate the emptiness they feel after the loss of a loved one. Using my personal understanding and encounters, I delve into the aftermath of my sister’s death examining the empty feeling that surrounds my heart. In order to move forward, I consider how the tenets of positive psychology can help to fill the void and acknowledge the possibility for growth and embrace this pain. For this book proposal, Part I: Knowledge is Power explores the literature on healthy well-being practices, the awareness of self, and the development of character strengths all in support of post-traumatic growth. Part II: Power into Practice presents my feeling of emptiness and how I worked to fill that void by navigating my Emotions, recognizing my Mindset, Pausing to reflect, prioritizing Tasks, and saying Yes to taking action. For each component, I present intentional activities and a pep talk to “fill the EMPTY” which can foster growth and an appreciation for life. By sharing my story, I offer a resource for others that are processing their own post-traumatic growth and trying to understand their own feelings of emptiness.


emotions, mindset, self-compassion, goal setting, character strengths, positive interventions, grief, post-traumatic growth


Positive Emotions, Well-being/Flourishing


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Date Posted: 22 September 2020