Positive Psychology and Work-Life Integration: The Mutually Satisfying Relationship

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Positive psychology is the empirical study of what makes life worth living, an exploration of human flourishing. Work-life integration is a holistic approach to living that enables people to create wins across varying life domains. The author suggests that positive psychology and work-life integration are mutually satisfying fields of study. This paper outlines specific recommendations for how positive psychology theory and research can contribute to an individual’s success in effectively integrating work and life. In turn, the process of improving work-life integration may enhance an individual’s ability to live a flourishing life. Possible implications for this work include future empirical testing of the recommendations made in this paper to determine their validity and reliability and the scientific exploration of specific connections that can be made between positive psychology and work-life integration.


work-life integration, work-life balance, interventions, coaching, leadership


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Date Posted: 19 December 2014