Intellectual Development for Flourishing: Advancing Positive Education Through Constructive Poetry Practice

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As it stands, our educational systems across the globe are underemphasizing well-being and increasingly adopting utilitarian approaches to learning. The field of positive education has emerged to incorporate well-being into our education. My mission takes us one step further: incorporating our education into our well-being . The skills we learn in the classroom, if cultivated and applied appropriately, can help us to lead more satisfying and fulfilling lives, through increased self-efficacy, engagement, meaning, and character strengths. In this capstone, I will introduce my concept of Intellectual Development for Flourishing (IDF), which emphasizes cognitive flexibility in applying intellectual skills outside the classroom. Then, I will provide an exemplary model of IDF to serve as a model for other disciplines. This initial model is titled Constructive Poetry Practice, created to highlight poetry education’s global application to building awareness — of self and others, and the language to shape those understandings — as well as critical thinking skills and cognitive flexibility. This initial IDF model is designed specifically for students at the high school and college level due to the concentrated development of both the self and higher-level intellectual skills at these ages.


Humanities, Education, Well-Being, Flourishing, Poetry


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Date Posted: 25 September 2018