Positive Storytelling: Crafting Narratives of Flourishing

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This paper explores the role of personal narratives in cultivating well-being through the lens of Positive Psychology. It discusses the importance of narratives, types of narratives, when and how they develop, why they become maladaptive, and how they can be corrected to promote well-being. Based on Positive Psychology research, the paper proposes strategies to craft adaptive narratives that enhance flourishing. These strategies are built into 5 modules. This varied toolkit aims to appeal to emerging adults as they are in a formative period for building narratives that inform long- term well-being. Thus, these strategies invite self- reflection to develop control over one’s well-being at the cusp of narrative development. In doing so, the paper argues that well-being is an individual’s responsibility, not just a right, and must be pursued actively. While Positive Psychology research has acknowledged the importance of narratives in the pursuit of well-being, there is still vast scope to dig deeper into the different facets that affect narratives.


story, storytelling, narrative, frame, emerging adulthood


Counseling/Coaching, Well-being/Flourishing



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Date Posted: 25 September 2018