Creative Problem Solving as a Positive Intervention and Approach to Career Development

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Every year, over 19 million college students in the United States face big decisions like choosing a major, securing an internship, and deciding their next steps after graduation (National Center for Education Statistics, 2018). With rapid advancements in the world of work, there are many emerging environmental factors that make these decisions complex and challenging (Callanan, Perri, & Tomkowicz, 2017). This paper explores how positive psychology and creative problem solving research can support students as they make career-related decisions and design their lives. Advancements in positive psychology build a foundation of research that supports work as a pathway to flourishing. Accordingly, research in career development theory investigates approaches that better align with the current student experience and evolving world of work. In particular, research suggests that the Creative Problem Solving process (Creative Education Foundation, 2016) cultivates flourishing and could serve as a positive career development intervention. Future directions for research include conducting empirical studies on the relationship between the Creative Problem Solving process, well-being, and career development.


creative problem solving, positive psychology, career development, positive intervention, divergent and convergent thinking


Well-being/Flourishing, Other Topics





Date Posted: 25 September 2018