Employee Well-being and Engagement Workshops: An Example Using Positive Emotions

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Employee engagement is a topic of increasing importance to employers as research continues to unveil the impacts of better employee engagement on work performance. Two models that establish important correlations between employee engagement and positive psychology, the science of human flourishing are discussed. The idea that training employees in relevant topics from positive psychology not only helps employees increase their well-being and engagement, but also results in better business outcomes is also discussed. Topics from positive psychology, positive organizational scholarship and positive organization behavior are presented as a robust outline for a series of engagement and well-being training workshops in organizations, with a description of why certain topics have been grouped together. Positive emotions, one of the key areas of positive psychology, has been used as an example of how to create content for these training workshops. A literature review provides the knowledge base for positive emotions and is meant to be used as a reference guide for the workshops. Appendices provide various ideas about activities that can be conducted in workshops to teach employees in organizations about positive emotions and how they can benefit from them.


Engagement, Well-being, Workshops, Training, Employees, Positive Emotions


Business/Work, Positive Emotions



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Date Posted: 29 January 2018