Positive Corporate Mentoring: Evidence-Based Positive Mentoring for Immigrant Achievement in Corporate Settings

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Immigrants, and many other minorities, face unique challenges that can keep them from realizing their full potential in business contexts. While working in corporate settings, they frequently confront systematic race-, gender-, and culture-based biases that they may not know how to overcome. Mentorship can help to change this. In particular, effective mentorship provides feedback that focuses on the subtleties of the corporate landscape, advice about presentation, and the development of psychosocial skills. This capstone combines decades of personal experience in mentoring immigrants and minorities in corporate contexts with positive psychology research on relevant constructs such as positive and negative emotion management, emotional intelligence, conscientiousness and grit. The result is an evidence-based and field-tested guide to helping immigrants flourish in organizational settings through mentorship.


immigrants, minorities, networks, mentorship, positive psychology


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Date Posted: 07 October 2016