Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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Many Baby Boomers are finding (or may be finding) themselves in a difficult transition, as they lose their jobs in this listless economy. For most of them, not yet ready to retire, finding a new, equally well-paying job in their field will be extremely difficult. How can they go through the initial disbelief, anger, sadness and fear that come with losing their jobs; and rediscover their sense of direction, purpose, security and identity? As 8,000 Baby Boomers turn 60 each day for the next ten years, this question takes on enormous proportions. Positive psychology offers many insights and interventions for individuals who are facing such a challenging time. By identifying and focusing on their inherent strengths; developing ways to reflect more deeply; amplifying their optimism; enhancing their resilience; and connecting more genuinely with others, they may open themselves up to new possibilities – discovering a new sense of purpose and meaning in their next chapter. From there, they will be able to craft a compelling new vision of themselves, connecting who they are with what happened, where they are going, and how they plan to get there. The intention of this work is to provide hope, solace, insights, and direction for individuals who are feeling lost – helping them find their own compass, pointing in a new, more positive direction.


Baby Boomers, Lost, Found, Positive, Meaning, Resilience, Optimism, Strengths, Story



Date Posted: 22 September 2014