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The scientific study of well-being has grown exponentially in recent decades but has primarily focused on the macro level, identifying what generally contributes to well-being. As a result, schools have increased the well-being of students through character strengths and resilience curriculum; institutions have increased employee engagement through aligning interests and strengths; and governments have a new benchmark for success through the deployment of global well-being indices. While great strides have been made at this level, I propose the study of well-being is missing a vital component at the individual level: Signature Well-being. The basis for this proposal is the scientific study of character strengths and the benefits gained from working from one’s signature character strengths. Signature Well-being suggests that, like signature character strengths, there is an element (or combination of elements) of well-being that is energizing, authentic and intuitive. I propose that the elements of well-being should be weighted based on this central element(s) to take into account individual differences and more accurately represent the status a person’s subjective well-being. What is signature then is this unique operationalization of one’s well-being. While the study of well-being at the macro level is a crucial endeavor, the additional study of well-being at the micro level will provide the field a more complete picture from which to build well-being.


well-being, positive psychology, individual, strengths, unique, authentic

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Date Posted: 10 September 2014