Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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Thesis or dissertation

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This Capstone explores how well-being can be increased through creating conditions for connection in workshop experiences. It begins with an overview of workshops followed by a literature review of the general field of positive psychology and two specific elements of social connection: belonging and mattering as well as short-term positive connections. It details these areas as well as their corresponding benefits for well-being both generally and inside of workshops, specifically. Finally, the Appendix: Fostering Connection in Workshops to Increase Well-Being, outlines research-based suggestions workshop facilitators can use to put this information into action. These resources are provided with the intention of fostering well-being in workshops through creating opportunities for participants to connect in the moment as well as arming participants with tools to use in their own workshops and lives. This translation of research into practical suggestions for workshop facilitators should elevate facilitators’ practice by both giving them new ideas to incorporate as well as by backing their existing practices with research.


connection, belonging, mattering, high quality connection, positivity resonance, psychological safety, flourishing, workshop, facilitation, adult education


Well-Being/Flourishing, Business/Work, Positive Emotion, Achievement, Connection



Date Posted: 25 October 2020