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Please be aware that several references are "in prep" as of August 2018. That may or may not change the "organizational mattering" section of this paper.


The concept of mattering is an underdeveloped, yet important component of an employee’s success in the workplace, and personal well-being. Deficit-based leadership strategies employed by many organizations can break-down the ability for an employee to feel that they and their work matter, however, the focus by leaders on mattering can lead employees to feel: my leader is invested in my success, I am noticed, I am cared about, I am depended upon, I would be missed if I were not here, my leader is interested in what I say and do, I am appreciated, and I am noticed for my unique strengths. And through a focus on mattering, employees could also know and feel recognized for the impact of their work on the organization, and in society; and leaders can grow their employee’s capability to flourish, thus increasing work effectiveness and performance. The opportunities to experiment and the tactics to create a culture of mattering through the customized definition outlined in this paper called work namaste are endless. This paper will provide a framework for leadership training programs on mattering as well as coaching exercises for leaders to utilize. Leaders can use work namaste as a playground for creating human flourishing and achieving organizational goals.


Organizations, Business, Work, Coaching, Mattering, Corporate Culture, Leadership, Well-being, Positive Psychology, Work Namaste


Well-Being/Flourishing, Business/Work/Organizations, Coaching, Namaste, Mattering, Leadership, PERMA, Corporate/Culture


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Date Posted: 31 August 2018