Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects

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Public health is dependent on the discovery of new medicines, and due to the considerable investment already required, the discovery process needs to be made more efficient. One approach is to use positive psychology to enhance collaboration among scientific researchers, which would lead to the discovery of more medicines by enhancing innovation, problem solving, and decision making. Scientists are technical experts that are not trained in collaboration skills despite this being critical to their success in the workplace. A one-day training program has been developed here to enhance team collaboration in science (ETCSi). Building skills in trust, communication, and belonging will enhance scientist’s well-being. Additionally, the training will enhance collaboration among science discovery teams to improve the outcomes of their work: an increase in the number of new medicines to treat public health. This thesis will explain how investing in the well-being of scientists through enhancing collaboration will also improve their productivity, a win-win situation.


collaboration, science, well-being, trust, belonging, communication, innovation, problem solving, decision making, medicine, positive psychology


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Date Posted: 14 August 2018