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Smaller, Quicker, Cheaper: Improving Learning Assessments for Developing Countries




More and more children are going to school in developing countries. In the years since the 2000 UN Education for All Summit in Dakar, the poorest nations have made the most gains in achieving improved educational access. This is a major achievement.

Such success also comes with a realization that rapid growth in school enrollments is not enough. Schooling must be of good quality for all children, and that has not been the case for too many children to date. The next push for educational development will surely focus on improving learning and educational quality.

Learning assessments can play an important role to drive school reform in many countries, but many are not adaptable for developing country needs, or are not financially sustainable. Thus, it is imperative tht we develop the appropriate tools that can provide better ways of measuring learning outcomes that nations wish to achieve.

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Date Posted: 24 April 2018