Issue 2, Number 5 (2018) Spring & Summer 2020

Dear reader, 

Thank you for choosing to read our journal, Kedma. Kedma was founded on Penn’s campus in 2005 and last published in 2013 before the Spring 2018 semester when it was revived. Luckily, Professor Heather Sharkey, who continues to be an outstanding mentor, helped initiate Kedma’s revival. We now have the opportunity to publish the work of undergrads across campus on a variety of topics, from commentary on Jewish religious practices to modern-day Israeli culture. We are excited to see Kedma continue to grow for our fourth issue and are ecstatic about the material you are about to read. 

Among this content is an essay about Woody Allen’s Annie Hall and its portrayal of the American Jewish experience, a paper comparing the economic paths of Israel as a country and Kibbutz Na’an, and a paper exploring marriage and divorce in Jewish texts. There is something in this journal for everyone, so please dig in, engage with the content, and let your friends or us know what you think. If you find a topic or idea missing, please let us know. We would love to publish your submissions too to better fulfill our mission of including as many views as we can. Happy reading! 

Noga Even and Miriam Minsk



Noga Even and Miriam Minsk

Essay Editors:

Sarah Goldfarb

Melanie Hilman

Anna Naggar

Keren Stearns

Rachel Wechsler

Qingyang (Freya) Zhou

Contributing Writers: 

Zachary Goldstein

Henry Hoffman

Josh Kadish

Mark Lis

Nitin Rao

Noam Yakoby

Faculty Advisor: 

Heather Sharkey


Kedma is made possible by grants from The Jewish Studies Program of the University of Pennsylvania. Special thanks to the Jewish Studies Program and its director, Professor Kathryn Hellerstein, for their support. 

The views expressed in Kedma do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Pennsylvania Jewish Studies Program, its faculty, or of the journal’s staff. 

Cover photo by Miriam Minsk.