Judaica Americana

Judaica Americana

In 1990, Robert Singerman published, in conjunction with Greenwood Press, his magisterial two-volume Judaica Americana (referred to here as JA), an American Jewish bibliography of publications, both monographic and periodical, published prior to the 20th century. It identifies 6,500+ publications, including their metadata and names of collections where copies are known to be held. Taken as a whole, it provides extensive documentation of American Jewish communal activity. This second edition incorporates the foundation bibliography (JA) with the approximately 3,000 supplements (Supps) the author/compiler Robert Singerman has found, taking into account and removing entries that he has withdrawn from the foundation bibliography, with an explanation for why they were removed.


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Dataset for Judaica Americana: A Bibliography of Publications to 1900, Emily Esten


Judaica Americana: A Bibliography of Publications to 1900, Robert Singerman