Journal of Student Nursing Research


Cervical cancer screenings, colposcopy, and a diagnosis of human papillomavirus (HPV) increase anxiety in clients. Researchers have investigated several interventions to reduce emotional distress in clients, including disseminating informational leaflets and brochures, offering educational and counseling services, and hypnotherapy. There is insufficient evidence, however, for the effectiveness of informational leaflets in reducing anxiety and improving knowledge and client satisfaction. This article examines the utility of such an intervention and explores ones that may be more effective in reducing anxiety prior to, during, and after HPV and cervical cancer screening and management. Because HPV follow-up can involve several steps that take place over approximately two years, it is important to keep clients engaged in the system along the way. This article also examines if informational interventions increase client knowledge of cervical cancer and its cause, HPV and what impact this has on follow-up.