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Laura Huang


Recruitment preparation is the process of getting ready to pursue employment and the associated feeling and actual level of readiness to do well in the job search. This study explores the recruitment preparation differences between professional business fraternities and social Greek organizations through a survey and expert interviews. The results show that business fraternities are significantly better at recruitment preparation, particularly when it comes to technical question preparation, resumes/cover letters, and industry mentoring, but not when it comes to networking or fit question preparation. The recruitment preparation in both groups were shown to be differentiated from other activities in which members were involved, with business fraternity preparation being more differentiated then social Greek organization preparation. Further segmentation of the data by industry, gender, ethnicity, etc., along with interview insights, add nuance to the overall findings and further the understanding of how and why these trends exist.


recruitment preparation, Greek life, professional business fraternity, sorority, industry mentorship



Date Posted: 01 August 2018


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